We may be skeptical of some things but the Resurrection shouldn’t be one of them. Fr Steven Reilly’s homily shows how the experience that the Apostles had and we have today teaches us that there is nothing as good or as true as the Resurrection of Jesus. podcast

Fr Edward Hopkins shares stories from his mission work and explains how spreading the good news of the Gospel brings the joy of the Lord into our own lives too. Podcast

Fr Jason Smith’s homily at the Basilica of Old Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. We all have crosses in our life. Some are light. Some are heavy. Some crush us. This homily shows how Jesus gives us the inner strength to carry them all. Podcast

Fr Steven Reilly’s homily shows how we can all find inspiration in St. Joseph, the man who gave himself day in and day out, as provider and protector of Mary and Jesus. Podcast

Holding back on God this Lent? Fr Edward Hopkins will inspire you to open wide the doors to Christ and show you how to do it.

Ready to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day? Here are some thoughts that might help get you in the spirit from my homily last Sunday at Resurrection parish. God bless! Fr Jason Smith, LC

Fr Edward Hopkins reflects on how Jesus satisfies our inner thirst and is the fulfillment of Isaiah’s promise, “O come to the Fountain all you who are thirsty.”