Using the parable of the Good Samaritan, a painting by Van Gogh, and inspired by the Year of Mercy, Fr Jason Smith reflects on how each woman’s unique feminine gifts can bring about a “revolution of tenderness” our wounded world so desperately needs.

Reflecting on the life of Saint Peter, Fr Edward Hopkins makes connections to our own life and shows how following Jesus fills us with joy and helps us share that joy with others. Podcast

Fr Edward Hopkins shares stories from his mission work and explains how spreading the good news of the Gospel brings the joy of the Lord into our own lives too. Podcast

Fr Steven Reilly gives the final talk of our “Lenten Linebacker” series, about the three keys to obtaining victory, that is, Heaven. Podcast

Holding back on God this Lent? Fr Edward Hopkins will inspire you to open wide the doors to Christ and show you how to do it.